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Legal Interim Management

Today’s legal job market isn’t as solid as it used to be. People are taking temporary leave more frequently, often leaving companies with the uphill task of filling a gap for a limited period. Conversely, new legislation also poses challenges and requires legal departments to acquire highly specialised knowledge for specific tasks.


How can YouConnect help your business?


At YouConnect, we not only find these legal interim professionals, we ensure that they are able to hit the ground running, as and when you need them. All these talented legal specialists possess the same qualities:

  • Specific knowledge, skills and background
  • Immediate added value
  • Multi-company experience


How can YouConnect help you, the interim legal professional?


Are you an experienced legal counsel, a specialist M&A lawyer, Employment lawyer or IP lawyer, and looking for more variety and control over your career? 

We believe the decision to become a legal interim manager can be a smart-career move as you can rapidly gain experience in different organisations (both large and small, as well as law firms), and in different industries. 

We can help you match your skills, your ambition and your personality with the organisations and projects that best suit you. You can decide how you want to work: full-time, part-time or with breaks between two projects. Furthermore, no two projects are ever the same. 

What can you expect from YouConnect?

  • Stimulating projects and jobs – We are constantly seeking out interesting legal opportunities for you. Our experience in law firms and legal departments means that we know the market thoroughly and can identify specific projects that we feel are right for you.
  • A partner for your career – We promise to support you throughout your legal career, and are always available to answer your questions and give regular feedback. 


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