8 Years YouConnect
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8 Years YouConnect


Looking back over eight years of YouConnect, our predominant feeling is gratitude. Now is the perfect time to step back, reflect, and tell you a bit more about our plans for the future.  

YouConnect started in 2013 as an ambitious niche firm in Legal staffing and expanded with HR staffing in 2018. Since then, we’ve grown into a skilled team of 13 professionals who go that extra mile to find the perfect fit between our clients and candidates.

In recent years, we’ve worked heart and soul to expand the company and nurture our unique YouConnect identity: an independent, value-driven recruitment firm specializing in placing Legal & HR profiles for permanent and interim management positions.

We realize only too well how much we owe you: our clients, candidates, and everyone we connected with over the past 8 years. For every successful placement, we have to thank an excellent candidate and an enthusiastic company who chose to work with us. We know that we can be pretty critical discussion partners who like to dig deep. We prefer to leave nothing to chance, and yes, this requires commitment on all sides. We’ve loved everything about working with you, enjoyed every successful assignment, and relished the challenges each project brings.

We’re delighted to hear that we distinguish ourselves by the quality, expertise, and follow-through we provide. Whether these compliments come from companies we’ve worked with, from Legal and HR profiles we’ve introduced to their new roles or from candidates who’ve not made it through one of our selection procedures, we cherish the beautiful words as if they were medals of honor. After each project, your valuable feedback helps us refine our services and continue to work towards our mission whilst remaining true to our values.  

We look confidently to the future, and our plan is very clear. 

We will further develop our Corporate Social Responsibility policy. Recent CSR initiatives include our Connecting for a Job project, where we guide several final-year students free of charge to their first permanent Legal or HR position. We also launched our Wishbone Day initiative, which involved mobilizing colleagues, clients, and candidates to raise awareness of OI, better known as brittle bone disease. We maintain our efforts to ensure that company initiatives, work-related travel, and the working process itself are as sustainable as possible. And lastly, our recurring Olympic Week, which keeps us physically sharp and, along with several motivational activities, contributes to the well-being of everyone on the team.   

But above all, it remains our mission to connect our clients with the right Legal & HR professionals: experts in Legal or HR who can make a significant contribution to the future of an organization. We vigorously maintain our legendary personal approach and continue to build passionately on our network, our relationships, and the careers of our future candidates.  

We look forward to meeting you again soon.  

Meanwhile, enjoy the lovely summer days!   

Ilse Tack & Birgit De Smedt 

8 Years YouConnect



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