Growth at YouConnect 2019
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Growth at YouConnect

Since its launch in 2013 by Ilse Tack and Thomas Snoeckx, YouConnect has become a key player in the legal staffing industry in Belgium. YouConnect is specialized in recruitment and selection for legal professionals as well as in legal interim management. Over the past 5 years, YouConnect has contributed to many connections between candidates and companies.

The rising demand for HR interim managers, and the conviction that YouConnect can also make its mark in the HR staffing industry, has led to the creation of a new activity within YouConnect that focuses on HR interim management. Birgit De Smedt, who is a partner at YouConnect since November 2018, is head of HR Interim Management. Birgit, who holds a Master’s degree in Law, has successfully started and developed new businesses at one of the world's largest HR consulting firms over the last 25 years.

YouConnect’s team currently counts 12 professionals. Last year, YouConnect has known an exceptional growth with Marie Van Volcem, Stéphanie Verhaegen, Kathleen Peirsman and Birgit De Smedt joining the team, each of them bringing a lot of relevant expertise in legal and/or HR. Also in 2019 we will welcome new talented consultants in order to serve candidates and clients even better.

YouConnect is known as a valuable and reliable partner for both candidates and companies. Genuine interest in bringing added value for both parties, a thorough follow-up and quality at all levels is what you can expect from YouConnect.

Interested in a possible collaboration, in new career opportunities as a legal or HR professional or even in joining YouConnect? Do not hesitate to connect with one of YouConnect’s team members.

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