Insightful Walk: Lennart, Sharon & Kim
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Insightful Walk: Lennart, Sharon & Kim

Lennart, Sharon and Kim make sure that everything runs smoothly at YouConnect. Lennart is our Office Assistant, Sharon is Administration & IT Officer and Kim is Personal Assistant. They had an interesting discussion about starting a new job remotely, why multitasking is impossible and shared their latest tips on music, books and podcasts.   

Lennart and Kim, you joined the team last year. It was anything but an easy period to start at a new job, with mostly working from home and online meetings. How did you experience this?  

Lennart: YouConnect is my first employer, so the start-up was doubly exciting. Getting to know new colleagues through a screen and discussing everything via online calls and meetings, was a bit out of my comfort zone. But in the end it worked out very well and I soon got used to it. Meanwhile, I built up a very good relationship with all my colleagues, also thanks to the initiatives of YouConnect like the possibility to go for a walk with a colleague or have lunch to get to know each other better.   

Kim: I was originally not looking forward to starting at a new job in these times. The support of colleagues, being able to ask questions at any time and getting to know everyone by working together in the same office are important elements. But my fears soon proved unfounded. YouConnect is already well advanced digitally and we have a very good onboarding plan for new colleagues. Moreover, everyone in the team is very accessible and all colleagues did their best to make sure my start-up went as smoothly as possible.   

Sharon: We really tried to ensure that new colleagues could get started in a pleasant way: Planning training sessions with as many different team members as possible, an update call every day and regularly asking if everything is still going well and how everyone is feeling. We have always attached great importance to wellbeing in the past and during the last year we focused even more on it. There have been many initiatives, including meditation, and this has encouraged me personally to start meditating every day again. To do this, I get up half an hour earlier and after my meditation I do some gratitude exercises and/or try to go through my morning routine very mindfully.  

What are your favorite tips for boosting productivity?     

Sharon: Every hour and a half, give your brain some time to process everything by consciously taking a break and getting some fresh air outside. And stop multitasking, because that's basically impossible.  

Kim: Yes, I completely agree with that. If you keep switching between two tasks, you're not multitasking, you're just switching from one task to another. That demands much more energy, you work slower and you make more mistakes. So it's important to really focus on one particular task. Physical exercise also gives me an energy boost. That's why it's great that we organise our own Olympics at YouConnect. Lennart is the driving force behind that.  

Lennart: Yes, that's right. Every three months we do an Olympic Week in which we encourage everyone to do as much sports activities as possible. At the end of the week, we determine the winner of each edition via our own rating system. Next week we have our next edition and everyone in our team is very competitive, so it’s bound to be a sporty week! What boosts my productivity is a good sleep routine and starting the day with a positive mindset. I also decide each morning which goals I definitely want to achieve by the end of the working day.  

What is the last interesting article/book/ podcast you have read or listened to?     

Lennart: I recently listened to the album "Chemtrails Over The Country Club" by Lana Del Rey. A very beautiful and soothing album, especially after a busy day at work!    

Sharon: I can definitely recommend the book "Loving what is" by Byron Katie. She asks 4 questions that you can apply to a specific problem and that can help you to see this problem in a different light. I have just started the book "Limitless" by Jim Kwik. He gives techniques to improve your memory, also highly recommended.   

Kim: While walking or cycling, I like to listen to Ted Talks and recently I listened to the Ted Talk by Oliver Jeffers, "An ode to living on earth". It only takes up 10 minutes of your time and it is oh so beautiful. He reads a letter to his newborn son explaining what it means to live here on earth. It is a beautiful reminder of how beautiful and unique our life on this earth is and that we should take better care of our planet.   


Lennart, Sharon & Kim went for a walk in the Bourgoyen, a nature reserve on the outskirts of Ghent. Walt and Nala, Sharon's and Lennart's dogs, accompanied them and really enjoyed the walk as well.   

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