Insightful Walk: Valérie & Clara
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Insightful Walk: Valérie & Clara

Our final duo is Clara and Valérie, both recruitment consultants at YouConnect. Clara is part of the Legal Team and Valérie of the HR Team. They went for a walk in the Liedermeerspark in Merelbeke. 


What is your function at YouConnect and has it changed over the past year? 

Valérie: I started working at YouConnect a few months ago. It has been very challenging so far but above all very instructive and fun. I am convinced that I will take many steps forward professionally. For the time being I am working both for positions within Interim Management and within Recruitment and Selection of HR Professionals. 

Clara: I have been working at YouConnect for a long time and I remember the founding by Ilse in 2013 very well. During my studies I have always worked for YouConnect as a student. Then, in 2020, I joined YouConnect again. After working in a support role for a year, I have been working as a Legal Recruitment Consultant for recruitment and selection of legal profiles since April. 

Did you pick up any new hobbies in the past year or did you take more time for certain things? 

Valérie: I go hiking a lot more. Especially to get to know the region where I now live better. I recently moved to Maarkedal, the Flemish Ardennes. I also learned how to knit and I go running and practice padel tennis more often. Of course, for the time being, most of my free time goes to the renovation of our house. 

Clara: I have noticed that I really enjoy spending more time with my family and watching our son Arthur grow up. I used to spend more time with friends and less with family, but this has changed in the last year, probably also influenced by the corona pandemic. 

What is the last interesting article you read?  

Valerie: It is completely unrelated to our job but a few months ago I read an article about "the no buy challenge". Since I am in the middle of renovating a house I wanted to try and save some money and I decided to participate. From 1 January to 1 July, I committed myself to not buying any clothes. Via Instagram, you were given various tips and tricks to resist the temptation. Meanwhile, the challenge is over and I have succeeded. I’ve noticed that I also give much more thought into buying new clothes and that I buy them more consciously. 

Clara: I am immediately inspired to discover this too. And it totally fits the sustainability vision we have at YouConnect. 

What is your favourite tip for boosting productivity?  

Valérie: When we work at the office together, get a coffee and/or stretch our legs. Or take a short walk outside. 

Clara: Indeed, going outside always does the trick for me. I also think it's very important to get enough sleep. 


Valérie and Clara went for a walk in the Liedermeerspark in Merelbeke, a beautifully landscaped park on the outskirts of Ghent, with a large pond and a small playground. 

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