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#ProudConnector Unveiled: Clara Creve | Personal Assistant

Clara Creve - YouConnect

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What did you do before you started at YouConnect?  
I got a Masters in Law. During my studies, I worked as a Student Legal Researcher at YouConnect. I’ve literally watched the company grow from the very beginning when Ilse Tack founded it to the dynamic company that it is today with 14 employees.  

How would you describe your current role at YouConnect?  
Working closely with our managing partner. This has taught me a lot about the profession and the sector as a whole, not to mention the differences between our HR and Legal divisions. Ilse is a real expert, and it’s great working with her.   

What makes YouConnect unique as a company?  
What makes us unique is our team of legal and HR professionals and their expertise in selecting the legal & HR profiles at the companies we work with. They understand the domains they are dealing with and speak the same language, which is something our clients and candidates appreciate. What is more, YouConnect is a value-driven company. Every day, everyone here dedicates themselves to deliver the best service possible, always striving for quality and the continuing healthy growth of the company.  

What kind of networker are you?  
That depends on the occasion. I usually focus on a few people and then narrow it down to one qualitative conversation.  

Which workplace do you prefer to work in and why?  
In Ghent! The office is beautifully located in the center with a large garden overlooking the Leie. Most of my colleagues are regulars in that office, so you’re often working in company, which I like. 

What do you get energy from?  
I get a lot from contact with the team at YouConnect – from the optimism they exude and the fact that I can truly support my colleagues.  

Which qualities do you value most in a conversation partner? 
Honesty! I attach great importance to open and transparent communication.  

How do you bring efficiency into your working day?  
When I open my mailbox in the morning, I check my emails and deal with all the ones that can be dealt with immediately. I divide my long-term tasks between different Microsoft Team groups. I focus on handling everything in an organized and efficient way.  

How do you deal with social media?  
I probably spend more time than I should on social media – especially Instagram. I like to investigate new pages on all sorts of subjects: food blogs, fashion, and tidbits from interesting influencers. 

What are your strengths within the team?  
I'm pretty positive. It’s my job to coordinate the YouConnect support team as efficiently as possible. I also have a pragmatic side that helps keep my feet on the ground. 

Do you have a creative side? If so, how does that express itself?  
I'm an original-gift hunter! I like to pamper people and give them gifts with a personal touch. And I always love it when someone does the same for me: it’s very touching! 

Which is your favorite season and why?  
Spring! Everyone comes back outside, the days get longer, the temperature rises and everyone gets more active. Maybe me having my birthday in spring has something to do with it!  

What was your last online purchase?  
A cookbook by Delphine Steelandt. I like to try new recipes. The only downside for this enthusiastic cook is that I don't have a dishwasher, so after the cooking, there's always another, not so exciting task to do.  

What’s your ultimate dream?
That’s very simple: happiness for everyone around me. But one of my more exotic dreams is to one day live in a warmer country with a slower pace of life. Greece, I think, where I have lived for a while, or maybe Portugal, are the two countries that attract me the most. 

What's your strongest sense?  
My eyesight! I’ve got really good eyes. I’ve always been lucky enough to see everything clear without glasses or lenses. 

What's bothers you most?  
Noise annoys me sometimes. I don’t mind it occasionally, in company, in certain situations, it can be fun, but I need the right balance, and a little silence can do you good.  

If you could go back in time, what time would you go to?  
I worked in Greece for two months and studied the language. The mentality, the leisurely pace of life, everything on that Greek island was fantastic. After work, we’d all go down to the beach . . . I’d love to relive that period. 

What profession did you want to be when you were a kid?  
When I was quite young, I used to dream of being a hairdresser or a waitress, maybe. But after secondary school, I had different ambitions and chose to study Law.  

Do you like music? If so, what's your all-time favorite?  
I generally listen to the latest hits. On Spotify, I often choose a playlist in a certain genre – most of the times up-tempo with deep, meaningful lyrics sung by someone with a great voice!  

Where did you last go on holiday?  
To Barcelona, to visit my sister.  

What's your favorite place, and what do you like about it?  
Greece: friends, sun, sea, beach, and iced coffee! 

What's your favorite time of day?  
For me, the morning is the best part of the day! I start every morning with a nice breakfast and then I’m ready for anything. Starting the day right means I can really get a lot done. 

If you were an animal, what would you be?  
I’d be a butterfly! It would be heavenly to just fly wherever you wanted.  

What's your little personal treat? Your guilty pleasure?  
Rice cakes with peanut butter and banana or strawberries. Try it! 

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