#ProudConnector Unveiled: Emma & Thibault |  legal talent researchers 
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#ProudConnector Unveiled: Emma & Thibault | legal talent researchers 

Meet Thibault and Emma! They started in June as legal talent researchers at YouConnect and are already completely integrated into our team. They are both studying law, Thibault starts in September with his first master year at the University of Ghent and Emma is now starting her second master year at the University of Antwerp.  

They would like to tell you more about their hobbies, ambitions, travelling and how they deal with social media.  

#ProudConnector Unveiled: Emma & Thibault |  legal talent researchers 


Hello Emma and Thibault! First of all, we are very happy to have you on our team! Does the job match your expectations?  

Thibault: Yes, absolutely. YouConnect was recommended to me by a good friend. It's my first time working in a corporate environment, and I couldn't have asked for a better company to get a taste of the working life.  

Emma: Indeed! I've done some other student jobs and I always felt very much like "the student" there. At YouConnect I feel part of the company and the team, and this gives me a lot of motivation. And of course, the job content closely matches my studies and interests.   

That is very nice to hear! Even though we already know you both by now, we would like to get to know you even better through a few small questions and we'll start with this one: What is your favorite city and why?  

Thibault: For me, it's Marrakech. After flying a few hours from Belgium, you find yourself in a totally different culture and environment.  It is a beautiful and vibrant city where there is plenty to do, and you can absorb many impressions. It is also a perfect base for exploring the Atlas Mountains and the desert. A perfect vacation with lots of variety.   

Emma: My favourite place is London and more specifically, Camden Town. My dad and his brothers grew up there and it feels like a second home to me. I have so many great memories there. I do dream of living there for a few years. Hearing Thibault talk about Marrakech makes me want to go there too!   


How do you guys handle social media?   

Emma: I am aware that social media is not always healthy for me as a 22-year-old woman. I try to focus on new offline and existing relationships with people and not seek validation on social media channels. If you use it in a healthy way, social media can be an interesting place to learn and make new connections. Social media has also become an integral part of today's society.   

Thibault: That's true. I have a profile on almost every social media platform, but I'm not very active on it at all. I sometimes scroll through my Instagram feed but this does not influence  my mood. I do see that the generation after me - I have a younger brother and sister - is much more active on it. I also try to remind them of the dangers of social media and that they need to be conscious about their phone use.   


Do you have a big dream or something you want to achieve?  

Thibault: I would love to get my pilot's license one day. I think it must be an indescribable feeling to be up in the air and in control of everything. Once I have completed my studies and taken the first steps in my career, that will be my next big project. I only hope that my fear of heights won't play tricks on me. When I'm on a plane myself, it doesn't bother me as long as I don't start thinking about it too much.    

Emma: Oh that’s so cool, Thibault. For me this is an incredibly difficult question. I don't have one specific dream, there are lots of things I still want to achieve and do. But if I had to choose something right now that's in my head, it would be getting my scuba diving certification. Probably Thibault just inspired me by mentioning his pilot's license. So, unlike him, I want to discover the world underwater. My sister just got her diving instructor's license so she could even be the one training me.  


Thank you for sharing this with us and we wish you the best of luck at YouConnect!

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