#ProudConnector Unveiled: Luka Roosen |Student Legal Researcher
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#ProudConnector Unveiled: Luka Roosen | Student Legal Researcher

#ProudConnector Unveiled: Luka Roosen |Student Legal Researcher

What did you do before you joined YouConnect?
The same thing I’m doing now—being a student! I’m also a member and the team at the international consultancy firm 180 Degrees Consulting, helping them to provide affordable, high-quality consulting services to non-profit and social enterprises all over the world.

What makes YouConnect so unique?
YouConnect is allowing me to gain insight into the legal market in Belgium. I‘m just starting my legal career, so everything I learn here is very instructive and interesting since the world of recruitment is completely new to me.

Why did you choose YouConnect for your student job? What attracted you?
I knew one of the legal talent researchers at YouConnect and she was enthusiastic about the role. I was curious and put myself forward as a candidate. What's more, I can combine my role at YouConnect with my LLM studies in London, which is ideal!

Do you have a creative side? If so, how does it express itself?
I’m not creative in the stereotypical sense. I mean, I’m not much good at drawing or making things with my hands. My creative side expresses itself in my ability to solve problems through out-of-the-box thinking. I am committed to 180 Degrees Consulting, an organization that encourages students to help certain nonprofits. Last year we set up a new legal branch in Belgium in cooperation with other law firms to provides nonprofits with all kinds of legal assistance.

What is your favorite season and why?
My favorite season is summer. I’m famous for my big BBQ parties in my parents' garden in summer. They’re all about enjoying the sun and great food and being with friends. Next to that, being an ardent music lover, I love the Belgian summer music festivals and the Ghent ones in particular. But when it comes to wearing cool clothes like wooly jumpers, you can’t beat winter!

Are you an early bird or a night owl?
I am certainly not an early riser. I often wake up tired. But I force myself to start early and stick to a strict rhythm throughout the day so that I have a long evening to look forward to.

What is your ultimate dream for yourself? What would you like to do one day that you've never done before?
My dream is to have a successful career as a transactional lawyer in an international law firm. I’d also like to remain involved with voluntary initiatives that are making a profound social impact. Helping other people with the knowledge I have built up so far is what really drives me and gives me the greatest satisfaction.

What would you like to spend more time doing?
I’d like to spend more time reading books. I recently established a daily "ritual" of reading before bedtime, which I’m pretty sure is way more productive than endless scrolling on my mobile phone.

Do you believe in coincidence?
Yes, I believe in “coincidence.” Otherwise, life would be no fun. Imagine if everything was already completely mapped out, with no room for chance. Coincidence opens up so many possibilities. Not only in terms of encounters with other people, but also opportunities that suddenly come my way and, coincidently, fit perfectly with what I am looking for.

What is your strongest sense?
Taste! If there is one thing you can please me with, it’s good food and a nice glass of red wine. I am a real Burgundian. My favorites places to eat are “Komparto” and “Publiek”, two of the top restaurants in Ghent. 

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Vanilla. Boring, isn't it? Well, it may be the most basic, but it’s absolutely the best taste there is.

What bothers you so the most?
I hate having to queue up for anything. It often goes hand in hand with inefficient organization. For me, queuing is a complete waste of time. Fortunately, I avoided all those long queues at the supermarket during the first lockdown. I was working on my thesis at the time, so other people kindly went to the shop for me. Lucky me!

Do you prefer to cook for yourself or eat out?
My answer would have been “ordering out,” until about a month ago, that is. But here in London, I feel like cooking again, and I like wandering around the supermarket and trying out new products. Because I usually come out without a shopping list, improvisation while cooking is a necessary evil.

What moves you?
I have chosen to study in London for one year. Leaving my friends behind touched me deeply. It also means I won’t be there for the birth of my niece. 

Imagine you wake up tomorrow and suddenly you have one new good quality or skill, what would that be?
I used to play the violin, viola, and guitar. I think it's great to be able to play an instrument really smoothly. Or wake up and be able to speak Spanish? That would be good too.

Do you like music? If so, what is your all-time favorite?
Yes, I mainly listen to music while working. During my thesis, music was also a must. My all-time favorite and most-listened-to album is James Blake’s "Assume Form."

What was your last holiday destination?
With corona, traveling is, of course, restricted. I used to be visiting faraway places all the time. I went to Sri Lanka and Indonesia. This year I went with my girlfriend to Reims on a champagne trip and to the South of France with a group of friends. Closer to home, it can also be fantastically beautiful, I now realize. However, I do dream of traveling to Japan someday.

Which 3 words best describe you?
Team player, enterprising, and spontaneous.

From which event did you learn the most?
Starting here in London has already been very enriching. An entirely different environment, challenging training, and a long way away from family, girlfriend, and friends.

What resolutions do you make every year?
I always pretend I’ll do more sport. Every year, I do this for eight months, from October to May to be precise.  The start of the summer is usually a breakthrough and takes away the daily routine so that regular sports also fade into the background. A new attempt next year? Right now I'm totally into the padel tennis hype!

What is your favorite city and why?
The trophy still goes to the city of Ghent, where I grew up and met my friends. That will be my "favorite city" forever.

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