#ProudConnector Unveiled: Merve Baydu | Talent Researcher
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#ProudConnector Unveiled: Merve Baydu | Talent Researcher

#ProudConnector Unveiled: Merve Baydu | Talent Researcher


What is your role at YouConnect? 
I am a Talent Researcher and I assist the Legal and HR Recruitment Consultants in their search for candidates. 

What did you do before you started at YouConnect? 
I was a student at the University of Ghent and I obtained a degree in Administration and Public Management.  

What is your daily motivation? 
Self-development, autonomy and being good at my job.  

How would you describe the atmosphere among colleagues at YouConnect? 
Safe and open. The colleagues are sincere, accessible and offer each other help when needed. 

How do you deal with social media? 
Thanks to social media I can easily connect with family and friends from all over the world. I also use social media to find information. I do my best to limit the use of apps like Facebook and Instagram to a few times a day. 

Do you have a creative side? If so, how is it expressed? 
I like to draw. I'm not necessarily very good at it but it's an easy way to clear my head.  

What is your favourite season and why? 
My favourite season is autumn. I love the big changes you can see in nature during seasonal transitions. When I think of autumn, I also think of all sorts of fun activities. Like autumn walks in the forest, reading under a blanket while it's raining outside, watching Netflix and lighting candles all around the house. 

What is your favourite Eurovision song contest hit? 
Arcade by Duncan Laurence. 

What would you like to do one day that you have never done before? 
One of my dreams is to travel the world and get to know different cultures. I would especially like to visit Norway, Canada and Japan.  

What is your dream for the world in general? 
I dream of a world where there is no more famine and where access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food is guaranteed for everyone. 

Who would you like to trade places with for a day? 
I would like to be Queen Elizabeth on her day off. Then I can get a taste of what it feels like to be ing served, to do some shopping and have a look at the money I have on my account.  

When you go to a desert island, what do you take with you? 
My mobile phone, sun block and books.  

What are you ashamed of? 
I secretly like reality TV like 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'.  

Which celebrity would you like to interview? 
Angelina Jolie. Besides being a successful actress, she is also active for the UN refugee organisation organization UNHCR. She seems like an interesting person to interview. 

If you could go back in time, to which time would you go? 
I would visit the Cretaceous period to see a dinosaur. Of course, I wouldn't stay too long because I don't want to be attacked! 

Which historical character would you like to have met? 
I would have liked to meet Malcolm X. He was one of the heroes of the movement against unequal rights for African Americans. 

Do you prefer to cook or order food? 
I like cooking, either by myself or together with my family. If we are in the kitchen together, pleasant conversations are guaranteed. It is also a nice way to spend some time together on busy days. Often we turn up the music nice and loud and sing along. 

What day in your life would you like to do over again? 
The trip to Southern Spain and Morocco I took with my girlfriends, I would definitely like to do it again. 

Do you like music? If so, what is your all-time favourite? 
I can't function without music! My all-time favourite is Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. It is not a standard song because it is a combination of musical styles.  

Which 3 words describe you best? 
Eager to learn, patient and reliable. 

If you could only have 5 things, what would they be? 
Family, friends, health, happiness, and my cat! 

What book do you think everyone should read? 
Recently I read “The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down” by Haemin Sunim. The author describes various life issues; from love and friendship to work, life goals and spirituality. He gives insights and advice on how to look for points of rest in a busy life. It is a must- read! 

What is your moment of happiness or guilty pleasure? 
Enjoying a jar of Ben & Jerry's on the couch under a blanket. My favourite flavour is Salted Caramel Brownie.  


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