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#ProudConnector Unveiled: Sharon De Regge | Administration & IT Officer

ProudConnector - Sharon De Regge


What is your function within YouConnect?
Administration & IT Officer. 

What did you do before you started at YouConnect?
YouConnect is my first employer! Before that, I was studying event and project management. I came to YouConnect via a temping office, and I’ve been here happily since then. 

What attracted you to your role within YouConnect?
Quite a few things! The opportunity to grow my career and expand my knowledge; the variety, the autonomy, and being involved in different areas that I really enjoy working in.

What makes YouConnect so unique as a company?
Excellent people-management with plenty for flexibility, feedback, trust, and support. Everyone in the team delivers quality and is passionate about their work, which is reflected in great results for clients and candidates alike.

How would you describe the atmosphere between you and your colleagues at YouConnect?
A nice bunch – besides delivering quality work, they also make time for active teambuilding; pleasant, healthy lunch breaks in the garden; a chat at the coffee machine, or a nice apero.

Which workplace do you prefer to work at and why?
In the current circumstances, I mainly work from home. But I must say that I do like to work from the office in Ghent with its view of our beautiful garden. 

Where do you get your energy from?
That is an easy question to answer! I absolutely love solving problems and making useful adjustments or innovations to ensure that things run more efficiently. 

Which characteristic do you value in someone you’re talking to?
Someone who listens, who’s perceptive, and expresses their honest opinion. It’s awful to be stuck in a conversation that lacks any interaction or feedback. 

How do you deal with social media?
It's not really my cup of tea! My boyfriend and I bought a puppy - an Australian Shepherd- a few months ago. Because of the actual restrictions due to Covid 19, it’s impossible to take him out and introduce him to everyone. I created an Instagram page for him so he can let everyone know how he’s getting on, and they can watch him growing up. That’s the full and only extent of my social media activity ­ – apart from gathering information and doing research, of course. But even that I keep to an absolute minimum. 

What are your strengths within the team?
My main strength is my talent for IT. I’m IT savvy, as they say. That’s how I ended up as the YouConnect IT department! Everyone can come to me with their IT questions, and I always make sure each of them gets a good solution and peace of mind. I used to be Personal Assistant – my colleague Clara’s taken over that role. I also used to be in charge of invoicing and payroll, two areas I still get involved in as back-up.  Having fingers in a few pies gives me a good overview of the company’s entire IT & administrative functions, and I guess that is a nice strength within the team.

What is your favorite season and why?
Spring. Nature blossoming so beautifully; the days getting longer and warmer. You can enjoy sitting out on the terrace or taking breakfast al fresco at weekends. Lovely! 

 What was your last online purchase?
A seatbelt for our puppy. We try to take him everywhere as much as possible to get him accustomed to being around people.

What would you like to do one day that you've never done before?
A horseback trail through a vast area of forests, hills and lakes. For example, in North or South America. I think that would be absolutely wonderful! 

What would you like to spend more time on?
I would like to spend more time doing more active sports. I like jogging and yoga, skiing in winter, and horse riding. 

Do you believe in coincidence?
Not really. I do believe in the law of attraction: if you are positive in life, you will attract positive things. It’s all about the consequences of your own behavior and the benefits of a positive mindset. 

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
Stracciatella, and I’m also a fan of banana. 

What has been your biggest challenge so far?
Learning to understand daily physical pain and to let go of fearing and controlling it, so that actual healing can take place. My own personal quest has led me away from regular medicine. I’ve learned a lot about how the stresses and strains of life can affect our bodies and how we can find relief. 

Would you rather cook for yourself or order food?
Ninety-five percent of the time, I cook a meal for myself. I love Mediterranean cuisine or stews, wholemeal pasta, and rice. As a vegetarian, I'm consciously involved with food on an ecological level as well as a health level. 

What did you want to be when you were a child?
I dreamed of becoming a professional rider with my own stables and running a riding school. I started riding when I was 8 years old, and when I was 12, we actually lived in a petting zoo. But due to circumstances, I had to put my dreams aside. 

Imagine you wake up tomorrow and you suddenly have a new quality or skill, what would it be?
Decisiveness! I’m a real doubter on all levels. I can work fast, but if I have to make decisions, I slow down. 

 What was your last holiday destination?
A skiing holiday with friends in Les Sybelles. My mum used to be a ski instructor, so I picked it up from her. I learned to ski first and took up snowboarding later in life. Being in the mountains and on the slopes gives me an enormous feeling of freedom. 

 What is your favorite place and what can you find there?
My home. Having fun with my fiancée, our puppy, Walt, and our lovely neighbors, who we got to know quite well thanks to the coronavirus.

What is your favorite part of the day?
Getting up at the weekend and having time to enjoy a more elaborate breakfast than usual. But I also enjoy an evening walk with our puppy when the weather is nice. 

What is your favorite city and why?
Seville, a beautiful historic city with small cozy alleyways, delicious tapas, and a lunch bar called Milk Away with the best Açai bowls in the world! 

Which book do you think everyone should read?
The Untethered Soul, The Divided Mind and The Emotional DNA

What is your little happiness—your guilty pleasure?
Pieces of dark chocolate together with an oatmeal cappuccino or Chai latté, or a banana with nut paste, some tahini or peanut butter. Absolutely delicious! 

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