Valérie Audoore |HR Recruitment Consultant  
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#ProudConnector Unveiled: Valérie Audoore  | HR Recruitment Consultant  


Valérie Audoore

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What is your function within YouConnect?  
HR Recruitment Consultant.   

What did you do before you joined YouConnect?  
I was a consultant at a large temporary employment agency for 4 years. There I got the chance to pioneer a new service and I worked in different departments, even in France. I learned a lot there and I felt that bringing candidates and companies together is definitely my thing.  

What attracted you to your role within YouConnect?  
Making connections with both companies and HR professionals-candidates is what drives me. The flat company culture, the flexibility within the job as well as the trust you get as an employee, appealed to me greatly.   

What drives you every day?  
Social contacts, autonomy, the feeling that I can be of added value to both companies and candidates.   

What do you find important in the contact with candidates and clients?  
Building a personal relationship and mutual trust. Building a win-win relationship with all parties involved.  

What is your favorite place to work and why?  
I like to be surrounded by people from whom I can learn something, so working in the office among my colleagues is my preferred place to work. However, I have come to appreciate working from home as well.   

What is the biggest challenge in your job?  
I don’t yet know all the profiles and associated competencies on the HR market in depth, so I will have to acquire additional content-related know-how. Fortunately, I am quick to pick up on new things and I really enjoy learning.   

How do you deal with social media?  
I find social media very important in both my personal and my professional life. With the right social media channels, you can easily and efficiently make contacts and maintain relationships.   

Which interview question do you invariably find to be the most revealing? 
"Tell me something about yourself that I cannot find on your CV?". This question often enables you to discover more about the candidate than just his work experience and studies. The candidate also notices that we really want to get to know him or her better, and that it is not just about the typical work summaries.  

Are you an early bird or evening person?  
I can say that I am both. In my student days, I could always concentrate very well early in the morning and in the evening. Even now, I enjoy getting up early on a beautiful day so that I can get the most out of my day.   

What was your last online purchase?  
A Padel subscription for one year at De Recrean in Oudenaarde. Padel really started booming in Belgium during the corona pandemic and I jumped on it as well. It’s a nice combination of sport and social contact with my girlfriends.  

What is your favorite song contest hit?  
Wild Dances by Ruslana. This is a song on which I used to have a dance routine and you could always find me on the dance floor when this song was played.  

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?  
Without a doubt, caramelized biscuit ice cream. But I do like many different kinds. My parents have an ice cream machine which we use frequently. 

What has been your biggest challenge so far?  
Moving to the south of France with my boyfriend. He had been offered a position on the volleyball team in Sète, a charming little town near Montpellier. I found it a challenge to find a new job there and make new contacts in another language.  

When you leave for a desert island, what do you take with you?  
I will definitely take some essentials with me, such as a tent and a survival kit. But I would also like to take some fun things, like books, games, letters, and my mobile phone...for as long as the battery would last.   

What bothers you?  
Negativity. I have a very positive attitude myself, and it takes a lot of energy from me when I am surrounded by negative people who are trying to pull me into their negativity.  

What moves you?  
I can easily be moved by films, music and series... But the most moving moment so far was when my sister unexpectedly told me that she was pregnant, and she wanted me to be the baby’s godmother.  

What was your last holiday destination?  
In July 2020 I went to Tuscany with my boyfriend and eight friends. We had rented a charming little house with a swimming pool and a view on the Tuscan hills. It was the perfect relaxed holiday during the Corona times. The vespa trips we made there were unforgettable!  

What is your favorite city and why?  
A favorite city is a city where I have made good memories, to which I like to return and where I walk around with a smile. And I have that with several cities, such as Ghent, Oudenaarde, Montpellier and Sète to name a few important ones.  

Which day of the week do you like the most?  
For me it’s Friday. That's when the working week ends, when you can complete certain files before the weekend and you usually have a nice evening and weekend planned.  

What is your little happiness? Guilty pleasure?  
I like to eat a dessert in the evening on the couch. My favorites are a dame blanche, home-made rice pudding or yellow custard with caramelized biscuit. Delicious! 

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