Workshop ASATT | YouConnect helps students on how to succesfully launch their career
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Workshop ASATT | YouConnect helps students on how to succesfully launch their career

At YouConnect we try to do more than just our job, we try to make an impact. Inspired by our values we partnered up with
A Seat at the Table, an organization committing itself to help students and young professionals to develop their professional skills and entrepreneurship. We gave a presentation on ‘How to successfully launch your career’ to a group of students,

ages ranging from 18 to 26.

A small questionnaire beforehand made it clear that finding a first job is not a cakewalk and COVID-19 sure hasn’t made it any easier.

Blogpost Workshop ASATT

YouConnect was happy to share its knowledge and experience to help these ambitious students in their exploration of the job market. YouConnect’s Business Development Manager Stéphanie elaborated on how you can already prepare for the job market during your studies, gave tips on how to build a good resume and LinkedIn profile and how to use LinkedIn in your job search.

Stéphanie also gave some pointers on how and where to find jobs, how to apply and how to best prepare for a job interview.

It was great to hear the presentation was well-received as we got some positive feedback from the participants: “This masterclass was really super interesting. I am currently looking for a first job and it definitely hasn’t been easy. Thanks to this masterclass I’ve learnt a few things I didnt know before. I’ll definitely keep the tips in mind the next time I’m applying for a job!”

YouConnect is happy to share its knowledge as a recruitment agency with your non-profit organization as well. Feel free to reach out to us to see if we can partner up!

Stéphanie Verhaegen

For more information you can reach out to Stéphanie Verhaegen at or via +32 476 39 40 50.

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