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ProudConnector Unveiled - Stéphanie Verhaegen

#ProudConnector Unveiled: Stéphanie Verhaegen | Business Development Manager

Blog - Video interviews

Preparing for your best video interview

Announcement lunch seminar YouConnect | Claeys & Engels 26th September, 3rd October 2019

Announcement Lunch Seminar YouConnect and Claeys & Engels - 26 September (Ghent) and 3 October 2019 (Brussels)

Diederik Van Noten meets YouConnect

Diederik Van Noten, HR Director Ziekenhuis Netwerk Antwerpen (ZNA) - his ideals, his dream and his concern for the future

YouConnect supports 4Ocean

YouConnect supports 4Ocean

How to Let Go at the End of the Workday

How to Let Go at the End of the Workday