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HR Interim Management

The way people approach work is fundamentally changing. This is forcing businesses and organisations to rethink their HR policies and find different ways in which talent can be onboarded. A professional’s ambition is clear: they want to be at the helm, defining when and in what format they work and with which companies they will work. We see this not only with experienced HR experts, but also with new graduates. In short, the talent your business requires today will not necessarily want to be employed on a permanent basis. We can ensure that you will effectively be able to tap into the expertise you need, when you need it.


How can YouConnect help your business?


If and when you decide you need to temporarily hire a reliable HR professional, YouConnect can step in and ensure that the HR expert will be operational immediately. If ever a position for an HR Business Partner can’t be filled directly, or you have a short-term HR project requiring specific expertise, YouConnect is available to help you find the person you need, quickly and efficiently.

No matter whether you have a one-day assignment or one that lasts multiple days per month, in either soft or hard HR, we are eager to hear your story and connect you with the right HR interim managers: solution focused, professional and transparent.


How can YouConnect help you, the HR professional?


The YouConnect community will open up a whole new network for you. If you have what it takes to build, support or execute a successful HR strategy, every mission you do will offer you the opportunity to deploy your expertise and make an impact on company results.

Are you still hesitating about whether freelancing really is the thing for you? You don’t have to worry as quite a number of HR experts with various levels of seniority have struggled with the exact same question and eventually decided to join the freelancing community. The reality is there is a growing need for freelance experts over the last few years. And for those who’ve made the move, job satisfaction grows too. You can be the master of your career. Achieve a significant result at every organisation you work with. Encounter new people. Discover new industries. And keep on learning. 

YouConnect always has a wide variety of HR assignments available. Projects confided to us include jobs as HR business partner, talent acquisition manager, recruiter, HR manager, labour relations expert, compensation & benefits manager or Change facilitator.

Excited to know more? Or do you already know all the ins and outs and are just anxious to enlarge your professional network with a trustworthy partner?


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