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We would be delighted to discuss your future plans for your legal team. Perhaps you have a legal search coming up for a position as a lawyer or legal counsel? Or maybe you’re after an experienced Legal interim manager who can hit the ground running? If so, we should definitely meet!  

Whether you are looking for a solid all round legal profile or an expert in e.g. corporate law, let’s talk. We listen to understand, dig deep in our extensive networks and provide you with the particular legal profile you need, permanent or freelance, at pretty short notice. 

At YouConnect, we’re proud of our happy customers, who appreciate our transparent communication, accurate follow-up and outstanding results. So why not find out for yourself, book a call with us and let's talk Legal!

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Meet our Legal Team, YouConnect

  • Energipole recently appointed YouConnect for the search of a legal interim manager and a permanent legal director. YouConnect’s team combines expertise, network, professionalism and good understanding of the client’s needs. The candidates that were presented to us, had been carefully selected by YouConnect after an in-depth screening process. We are very satisfied with the quality of our working relationship with YouConnect and with our recruitments.“YouConnect” is more than the company’s name, it is their DNA.
    Françoise Macq
  • We are delighted with the successful placement that YouConnect achieved. This was an extremely efficient and speedy process, and we would like to thank you for it. We look forward to working with you again!
    HR Manager
    Magic circle law firm
  • I highly recommend YouConnect as a partner for the recruitment of Legal profiles. Next to the in-depth intake process and detailed and professional follow-up, the ever pleasant personal contact is an unmistakable plus. In a quite difficult search, they remained positive and persevered until the right candidate for our vacancy was found.
    Sabine De Graeve
    Senior HR Manager
    Alpha Trains Group
  • YouConnect offers both professional and personal support, which is very pleasant. The whole process is also managed very (time) efficiently. YouConnect clearly stands out from the competitors. I recommend them.
    General Counsel | Family office
  • Switching firms during a pandemic never seems a good option. Thanks to YouConnect, it turned out to be the best decision I could make. Although all interaction was virtual, YouConnect gained my confidence as from second one and truly became an indispensable link between my new firm and I. I recommend YouConnect for everyone who’s looking for a reliable, efficient, honest and transparent partner.
    Lawyer | Multinational law firm
  • During the 6 years I have been working as an attorney, I have been contacted regularly by recruiters. With YouConnect, I have had the most pleasant and most professional experience.
    Lawyer | Magic circle law firm

Also interested in HR Staffing?

YouConnect is an independent recruitment firm that specializes in the placement of legal and HR profiles for both permanent and interim management positions.

You are considering to expand your HR team? Get in touch with Birgit De Smedt: she will be happy to discuss the services and expertise we offer in HR Staffing.

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