Our story

Our story

Is it time to say goodbye to the middleman?  Do we really think that the service offered by travel agents, insurance brokers and real-estate agents has no added value, and that all of these activities can now be replaced by an algorithm? And what about talent acquisition? Is that merely a matter of automated matching of data? Are recruiters now redundant because we all have LinkedIn?

We don’t think so.

We believe the human factor is key, and that it cannot be automated. We know that skills and competences listed in a resume don’t give a full picture of a candidate’s potential. In fact, our experience tells us that the possession of good skills and experience doesn’t necessarily guarantee success, just as the lack thereof doesn’t necessarily equal failure.

YouConnect understands these nuances well. We do work with data, of course we do. But the connections we build are not based on data alone. The reality is much more complex than that.  This is why we listen to our candidates and clients with genuine interest to understand what would be best for them. In that way we find the right person for vacant positions and identify great opportunities for outstanding candidates. 



We are fundamentally all about people: candidates, hiring managers (our clients), as well as our own consultants. Being part of the YouConnect team means believing that connecting the right people can bring value to both sides of the equation - and to us too, as the connecting force.

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A Smart Process

Making connections requires an in-depth understanding of all parties involved in the process. That’s why most of our work is done without a specific assignment in mind. We keep track of Legal and HR talent, scan the market for opportunities, follow trends and make sure we know both our candidates and clients thoroughly. This greatly speeds up the process of matching individuals with opportunities.

But we don’t stop there. After the contract is signed, we follow up with both the candidate and client to make sure everyone is still happy with their choice.

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