Recruitment & selection of HR profiles

Recruitment & selection of HR profiles

Creating meaningful connections is about more than matching a person’s skills with job requirements. There’s got to be a cultural connection as well, based on shared values and mutual interest. This is what we focus on when selecting talented professionals for permanent jobs. 


How can YouConnect help your business?


Working with us means enjoying our rigorously managed process, from intake meeting to signature. We foster open communication and maintain a balanced pace throughout the process. We are tenacious and dynamic, even for the most challenging assignments.

With YouConnect, you can plug into our wide network of outstanding HR professionals, with different backgrounds, experience levels and aspirations. However, they all share these fundamental qualities:

  • Thoroughly checked resume and experience
  • Matching ambition and motivation
  • Added value both now and tomorrow


How can YouConnect help you, the HR professional?


Do you have solid experience as a HRM or HRD? Or do you have specific expertise in hard or soft HR?

Our project portfolio contains many interesting offers for talented professionals. We can help you find the right job that suits your profile, your interests and your personality. We’ll start out by mapping your skills, experience and personality and then match it with our clients' organisation. 

YouConnect connects talent with opportunities. Consider us your partner in the hunt for a highly stimulating career in HR.


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