Climate Action at YouConnect

Why Climate Action matters to us

Climate action YC


Public transport:

From the start, YouConnect made sure that all our offices are easily accessible by public transport. We also strongly encourage its use among the team. All colleagues receive an electric scooter or a Brompton folding bike.

Sustainability officer:

One of our colleagues, Sharon, is sustainability officer at YouConnect and monitors our ecological footprint. In addition to a smart thermostat, ecological cleaning products and a zero-paper policy, Sharon receives a budget with which we realise various initiatives every year (e.g. Go Forest). She also launched VeggieThursday, an inititiative that we support full heartedly.

Go Forest:

Go Forest, a CO2logic partner, wants to inspire and motivate both individuals and companies to not only think, but act future-oriented. Planting trees should not be a trend but should become the norm. Their climate project experts select and follow up on the best projects worldwide. At the end of 2021, we bought 1200 trees which will be planted in the Peruvian Amazon, where it has the most positive effects on biodiversity, carbon storage, employment, livelihood and local economy. You can learn more about the Peruvian project on this platform.