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Why Decent Work and Economic Growth matters to us

Decent work and economic growth YouConnect


How can we use our expertise as a recruiter to make a difference? Not only by supporting existing initiatives around growth and employment, but also by starting new initiatives ourselves.


A Seat At The Table:

In 2021, YouConnect gave a workshop together with A Seat at the Table (ASATT). ASATT is a mentoring, leadership, and entrepreneurship program for students and young professionals. During the workshop, YouConnect shared tips to help launch their career.

Business to students:

B2S was founded by law students in Antwerp and Ghent out of a need to create more affinity with the legal profession and to reduce the distance between law students and legal professionals. Through practical workshops, seminars and lectures, they bring their members in contact with law firms and legal companies. But B2S also forms broader collaborations with partners that have a link with the legal profession, such as YouConnect.

Last year, we already participated in the annual application event of B2S Ghent. The growing awareness that our know-how and practical experience can contribute to the further development of students in their search for their first (legal) job, made us choose to further sponsor B2S Ghent.

On October 14, 2021, B2S Gent and YouConnect joined forces for the festive opening of the academic year. We welcomed about thirty 3rd -bachelor and master students in the new office in Ghent. Stéphanie, our Business Development Manager, and Paulien, our Legal Recruitment Consultant, gave presentations on how to successfully prepare for a first (legal) job and how to optimise a CV. It was a very general, but crucial, immersion in the Belgian legal landscape. The students received tips on how to prepare for their first job and what a potential employer might expect.

On November 3, 2021, we guided 6 students at B2S Ghent to bring them one step closer to a successful career.

Connecting For A Job:

Each academic year, our recruitment consultants commit to assisting a number of students and alumni from a couple of Belgian Universities in their search for a first job. This means that each recruitment consultant takes one student or alumnus under his/her wing and, during one-to-one workshops, provides tips on drawing up a good CV or practices a job interview with them. If possible, we also help the students and alumni by introducing them to potential employers.

The first edition, in early 2021, turned out to be a great success. Via several universities, we met 6 students whom we supported. At the end of the project, we received praise from both the universities and the (graduated) students.

We are now planning the next edition, more information will soon follow on our blog.

Decent work and economic growth YouConnect
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  • A great recommendation for everyone who needs a last push to start applying for a job! Because of the individual guidance, specific attention is paid to what you need or where you can use some extra help. As a result, I was perfectly prepared and started the application process with a lot more confidence.
    Law Student
    Connecting For A Job
  • YouConnect helped me not only to ace a job interview, but also to develop myself as a person!
    Law Student
    Connecting For A Job
  • YouConnect really does connect. Ilse quickly had a very good picture of who I am and what I was looking for. She used her knowledge, insight and skills to coach me and connect me with the perfect opportunity.
    Law Student
    Connecting For A Job


Corporate Social Responsibility


At YouConnect, we care about others, it's in our DNA. Logically, we find it important to make a strong commitment towards corporate social responsibility. Everyone on the team knows exactly in which areas and through which actions we, as a recruitment company, contribute to a healthier and more balanced society. To be able to select the right objectives, we drew inspiration from the 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations.

You can read more about our other 2 goals below.

Good Health & Well-being YouConnect CSR

Good Health & Well-being

This goal aims at globally improving everyone’s health and well-being in the world, no matter their level of income, age, race, gender or other demographic characteristics. Besides making sure our employees have everything available for a healthy lifestyle, we also support initiatives such as the Diabetes Liga.

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Climate action YouConnect CSR

Climate Action

Climate change is affecting every country on every continent. It is disrupting national economies and affecting lives. We take our responsibility as a company and also inspire our employees with climate action.

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