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YouConnect Legal Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment & selection of legal profiles

It’s always gratifying when a legal professional, who we helped a few years ago, talks about their job in glowing terms. And that, in most cases, their manager is just as pleased! It’s why we love our job so much.

We believe building meaningful relationships goes beyond merely matching skills with requirements, and that it’s also about a cultural match, underpinned by shared values and mutual benefits. This is what we focus on when looking to hire permanent legal talent.

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YouConnect Legal Interim Management

Legal Interim Management

Not all relationships are meant to last forever. That doesn’t mean the match should be less than perfect, in fact we think the opposite applies: if a legal professional is only to spend a short period of time in a company, we want to make sure that not a single day is wasted. So we emphasise skills, experience and the ability to hit the ground running.

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YouConnect Recruitment and selection of HR profiles

Recruitment & selection of HR profiles

Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than to hear the HR professionals that we’ve helped talking enthusiastically about their jobs. And when you see the hiring manager smiling too, you can’t beat it. The candidate, the manager, and YouConnect take an important journey together before the offer is finally signed on the dotted line. So, when you see just how pleased the parties are about finding each other and about the guidance that YouConnect gave during the process, that’s got to be the ultimate cherry on the cake.  

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YouConnect HR Interim Management

HR Interim Management

The world of work has been transformed in recent years. Fundamental changes felt in areas like partnerships, the workplace, and the status of the people you employ have ushered in a shift in HR strategy. The old idea that every employee should be a full-time member of staff has had its day. As flexible work becomes the norm, the deployment of HR interim managers and freelance professionals has taken hold in companies of every kind.  

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