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Our services

YouConnect Legal Recruitment and Selection

Legal Recruitment and Selection

It’s always gratifying when a legal professional, who we helped a few years ago, talks about their job in glowing terms. And that, in most cases, their manager is just as pleased! It’s why we love our job so much.

We believe building meaningful relationships goes beyond merely matching skills with requirements, and that it’s also about a cultural match, underpinned by shared values and mutual benefits. This is what we focus on when looking to hire permanent legal talent.

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YouConnect Legal Interim Management

Legal Interim Management

Not all relationships are meant to last forever. That doesn’t mean the match should be less than perfect, in fact we think the opposite applies: if a legal professional is only to spend a short period of time in a company, we want to make sure that not a single day is wasted. So we emphasise skills, experience and the ability to hit the ground running.

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YouConnect HR Interim Management

HR Interim Management

YouConnect is expanding into HR Interim Management.

Originally, YouConnect specialised only in legal interim management as well as finding permanent legal professionals. Five years later, we have become a strong second in the market.

The rising demand from our customers for HR interim managers, and our conviction that we can also make a difference there, has led to the creation a new activity within YouConnect that focuses on HR interim management.

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YouConnect A Smart Process

A Smart Process

Making connections requires an in-depth understanding of all parties involved in the process. That’s why most of our work is done without a specific assignment in mind. We keep track of Legal and HR talent, scan the market for opportunities, follow trends and make sure we know both our candidates and clients thoroughly. This greatly speeds up the process of matching individuals with opportunities.

But we don’t stop there. After the contract is signed, we follow up with both the candidate and client to make sure everyone is still happy with their choice.

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