Meet the team

Meet the team


We are fundamentally all about people: candidates, hiring managers, as well as our own consultants. Being part of the YouConnect team means believing that connecting the right people can bring value to both sides of the equation - and to us too, as the connecting force.

Ilse Tack

Ilse Tack

Ilse is our founder and managing partner. She was a lawyer and employment law consultant for over twelve years and is a true pioneer in legal recruitment. Ilse founded YouConnect in 2013 to make her mark on the industry.

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Birgit De Smedt_YouConnect

Birgit De Smedt

Birgit has been a partner at YouConnect since November 2018. She has launched a new business line within YouConnect that focuses on HR Interim Management. Birgit, who holds a Master’s degree in Law, has already successfully started and developed new businesses at one of the world's largest HR consulting firms over the last 25 years. She is genuinely interested in people and organisations, and combines customer centricity with a results-driven approach.  

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Marie Van Volcem_YouConnect

Marie Van Volcem

Marie has been a Recruitment Consultant at YouConnect since April 2018. She holds a Master’s degree in Psychology. She started her career in recruitment & selection and has never looked back. Progressively, she took on more senior roles as HR Consultant in several consultancy firms, and as Talent Acquisition Manager for a multinational in the food industry. 

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Stéphanie Verhaegen_YouConnect

Stéphanie Verhaegen

Stéphanie started at YouConnect as a Legal Recruitment Consultant in June 2018 and now is YouConnect’s Business Development Manager. She started her career as a lawyer in Brussels in 2009, was active in legal recruiting and gained experience as inhouse legal counsel in the retail and food industries. Armed with this mix of experiences, she has returned to her passion of legal recruitment. She enjoys the interaction with people and likes to support candidates in their various career steps. In line with our YouConnect values, Stéphanie is eager to build enduring relationships with both clients and candidates.

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Kathleen Peirsman_YouConnect

Kathleen Peirsman

Kathleen started her career at YouConnect as a Recruitment Consultant in October 2018. In 2021, she became Senior Recruitment Consultant Legal, Tax & Compliance. She holds a degree in Tax Law and started her career as a VAT Consultant in a big 4 firm in Brussels. She subsequently worked at a major Belgian utilities company as Real Estate Officer. For over 10 years, she further developed her tax law skills as an independent tax consultant in her own firm. As a professional service provider, Kathleen has always been highly customer-oriented. Going the extra mile is what makes her tick.

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Paulien Stuer_YouConnect

Paulien Stuer

Paulien has been a Recruitment Consultant at YouConnect since April 2019. She chose to point her career in a new direction after working as a lawyer in Mechelen, where she specialised in commercial and contracts law. Paulien gets energy from interacting with people and is eager to build lasting relationships with both clients and candidates.

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Diether Vandenbussche_YouConnect

Diether Vandenbussche

Diether has been a Recruitment Consultant at YouConnect since June 2020. He holds a Master’s degree in Law and an additional degree in Intellectual Property Law. He started his career in the legal publishing business as an editor and publisher respectively, where he worked together with various legal professionals. With his experience in and knowledge of the legal landscape in Belgium he is eager to advise candidates in making the best career choice.

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Valérie Audoore_YouConnect

Valérie Audoore

Valérie started in April 2021 as a Recruitment Consultant in the HR division at YouConnect. She started her career 4 years ago as a Consultant at a leading global staffing group. Valérie is a born "matchmaker". She gets her energy from connecting professionally with both clients and candidates. She chose YouConnect to further elevate relationships with candidates and companies, and to be able to work with expert colleagues in a specialized & value-driven team. At YouConnect, she focuses on placing candidates with specific HR expertise in temporary and permanent positions.

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Clara Creve_YouConnect

Clara Creve

Claraworked for several years as a Legal Talent Researcher at YouConnect during herMastersdegreeinLaw. She joined YouConnect in January 2020 and became Legal Recruitment Consultant in April 2021. Clara is genuinely interested in people and is happy to assist candidates and clients in their search for the perfect professional match. 

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Fien Stepman_YouConnect

Fien Stepman

Fien has been a legal recruitment consultant at YouConnect since October 2021. She holds a master’s degree in Law and an additional master’s degree in Notarial Law. Previously, as a lawyer, she provided advice in the field of estate and succession planning and she offered guidance in solving family conflicts. Fien is particularly interested in people and enjoys building deep relationships. Her legal background combined with her strong empathy, make her the right person to find perfect matches between clients and candidates. 

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Sylvie Gerlo_YouConnect

Sylvie Gerlo

Sylvie joined YouConnect in October 2021. She worked in the insurance industry where she focused on the analysis of the financial risks from the big companies in the Benelux. She was based both in Barcelona and in Brussels. After 11 years, she was looking for a change! What she liked most during her job as an underwriter, was to build and maintain relationships with clients and brokers. This skill will help her a lot in her role as recruitment consultant at YouConnect. For Sylvie, putting the client first is the most important and she will always go the extra mile to understand the needs of both clients and candidates. 

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Ianthe Goemans_YouConnect

Ianthe Goemans

Ianthe has been working as HR Recruitment Consultant at YouConnect since April 2022. She started her career as a consultant specialising in social law. She subsequently gained wider experience as an HR professional on the one hand and as a legal advisor within one of the large staffing groups on the other. Ready for a new professional challenge in which contact and communication with people are central, she made the switch to YouConnect. She is result-oriented and draws energy from helping clients and candidates.

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Pauline Declerck_YouConnect

Pauline Declerck

Pauline vervoegde het YouConnect team in september 2022 als recruitment consultant. Zij legt de focus op legal interim management. Na een aantal jaar actief te zijn geweest als advocaat in het ondernemings- en vennootschapsrecht, deed ze HR-ervaring op in Wenen. Iets wat ze vanaf dan niet meer wilde loslaten. De uitdaging van het matchen van een bedrijf met de geschikte kandidaat en vice versa, gaat zij met enthousiasme aan en geeft haar energie. Met haar kennis van de juridische sector, helpt zij mensen dan ook graag verder met de volgende stap in hun carrière.

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Sharon De Regge_YouConnect

Sharon De Regge

Sharon started her professional career at YouConnect as a Management Assistant in April 2016 and since 2019 she became Administration & IT Officer. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Event and Project Management, and is our IT-savvy and solution-oriented jack-of-all-trades. Her positivity always shines through.

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Lennart Coryn_YouConnect

Lennart Coryn

Lennart graduated as an event- and project manager and went looking for a versatile job in an ambitious team. In May 2020, he started at YouConnect as Office Assistant. He quickly became a valuable colleague: eager to learn, dedicated, cheerful and helpful. On top of that, he demonstrated a strong passion for Marketing & Digital Communication so his role evolved into Office & Marketing Assistant. YouConnect appreciates his organizational and collaborative skills, with a positive attitude as the icing on the cake.

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Kim De Witte_YouConnect

Kim De Witte

Kim joined the team as a Personal Assistant in April 2021. She holds a Master's degree in Applied Linguistics and Journalism. She is always ready to support her colleagues and loves the positive and ambitious working environment of YouConnect. She is eager to learn, has a positive mindset and a strong passion for language. 

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Merve Baydu_YouConnect

Merve Baydu

Merve has been a Talent Researcher at YouConnect since October 2021. She holds a master’s degree in Public Administration and Management. Merve works very thorough, she is enthusiastic and has a broad interest in sourcing and in the recruiting process. She works closely with the entire team and manages the database by identifying and adding top talent to our talent pool. 

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