Our values

We’re in the business of building long-lasting, mutually fulfilling connections. We love creating a positive impact on the future, be that for a candidate who we help pursue a great career, or a business that welcomes a long sought after addition to the team.

Our values are crucial ingredients for any successful connection:

Trust Value YouConnect



We ask a lot of both our candidates and our clients. In reality we require full disclosure … this entails sharing lots of personal information and being honest about ambitions, strengths and weaknesses. This means trusting the person on the other side of the table, together with having faith in our ethical and discrete approach. We do what it takes to earn your trust.

Empathy Value YouConnect



We understand and appreciate that our assignments are potentially life changing. They can make entire families happier, and help companies achieve or surpass their goals. It’s why we are so passionate about our job. Why we do so much research into both the candidate and the role. Why we are active listeners. Why we search diligently. Why we lie awake at night to find a solution when a promising connection doesn’t come to fruition, and why we are as happy as you are when the contract is signed. In short, your project is as important to us as it is to you.

Sustainability Value YouConnect



In theory, a recruitment process could be as easy as connecting two dots. We know however that even smooth connections are only as good as their longevity, and the added value they generate for both candidate and company. It’s what we mean by caring about life after the contract is signed.

Growth Value YouConnect



Nothing beats the feeling of being a contributor to growth; it’s why we are in this business. When we connect two people, we do it because we can see added value for both parties: on the one side, we believe our candidate will be able to spread their wings even further, while on the other, we’re confident they will bring our client a step closer to achieving their business goals.

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