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We’re in the business of building long-lasting, mutually fulfilling connections. We love creating a positive impact on the future, both for a candidate who we help towards a successful career, and for a company welcoming that long-awaited new team member.

Our values are the key ingredients to every great connection:
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We ask a lot from both our candidates and our clients. We ask to be transparent and share personal ambitions. Of course, this is only possible if our candidates and clients trust us. We uphold high ethical standards, and you can count on our absolute discretion. Our clients and candidate see us manifest these standards day in and day out. Internally, too, we thoroughly trust each other's intuition, insights, and commitment. We’re convinced that mutual trust strengthens teamwork and performance.

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What we do has a profound impact on our clients and candidates. Successful connections can boost candidate satisfaction and help companies achieve new successes. And that’s exactly why we’re eager to sink our teeth into every project and face every challenge head-on with an open mind. We lie awake at night when recruitments fall through just before the signature. But when a talented HR, legal, or compliance professional lets us know that the deal is done? We’re over the moon!

Our decentralised way of working calls for an extra dose of empathy. That's what makes for real teamwork. There’s no need to ask for backup because it's already there!

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Nothing beats contributing to a story of growth. Candidates who grow into better professionals and companies that come out on top because we made the connection that matters, bringing them together. That’s what puts the spring in our step every morning.

Growth is also a personal goal that we all share. We make our work more meaningful through training and additional responsibilities. It’s how we grow as people and an entrepreneurial company.

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Since we're thorough and meticulous about what we do, we can respond quickly to any search. We are fully committed to creating sustainable relationships and creating added value for the candidate and the client. Even after all the papers have been signed, we keep tabs to make sure everything is still smooth sailing.

But that's not the only sustainability we’re committed to. We’ve also got a detailed CSR policy with specific actions upheld by the entire team.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Discover how YouConnect contributes to a healthier and more balanced society!

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