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On November 30th, a dynamic gathering of legal freelancers converged at a round table in our office in Ghent. The session featured insightful introductions and a rich exchange of views, as our guests delved into the essential elements that paved the way for success in their projects.

What are key Ingredients for a successful project?

  • Transparent communication was unanimously seen as crucial. Effective communication involves determining the right frequency, channels, and tone for engaging with stakeholders, setting clear expectations, being honest about capabilities, and building trust incrementally.
  • Another key takeaway was the necessity for freelancers to exhibit a genuine interest in the client's company and product.
  • If the onboarding is less than ideal, freelancers should proactively get to know the business, acknowledging their responsibility in this regard.
  • On the client's side, the journey to success starts with a meticulously prepared recruitment process. Consulting internal stakeholders and thoroughly understanding the required profile, including personality, skill level, expertise, and team dynamics, is vital for addressing urgent needs.
  • Tripartite Satisfaction: Success is when the legal freelancer, client, and intermediary (if involved) are all satisfied.

The round table discussion also unveiled insights into the innovative tools embraced within legal departments. Legal freelancers expressed a keen interest in staying abreast of technological advancements, recognizing its potential to enhance project efficiency. It is important that freelancers take initiatives to stay up to date with new development in AI-based tools.

Additionally, there was also a dialogue on which legal matters will become more important in the future due to evolutions and higher regulations within companies.

Authored by Paulien Stuer - 14 Dec 2023

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