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From the padel court to the bookshelf, and from the pristine nature of Costa Rica to the world of legal recruitment. Meet “Eline” who started in February as a Legal Recruitment Consultant at YouConnect. A turn in her career where she quickly manages to connect talent with clients, driven by empathy, open-mindedness, enthusiasm, and an eye for detail.

What are your interests/hobbies/passions outside work?

Besides work, I enjoy fitness, padel, and reading. Getting up at 6 a.m. to exercise (fitness) before the day begins is no chore for me. On the contrary, it energizes me. Padel is a fun team sport (interclubs or tournaments provide the social aspect). Reading is primarily my evening activity—especially books about psychology and mindfulness catch my attention. It allows me to end the day with a moment of calm.

What is your ultimate holiday destination and why?

Costa Rica, because of the culture and pristine nature, beautiful fauna and flora. I recently saw a documentary about Costa Rica and was immediately sold. After a three-week tour of South Africa, I got the taste for seeking out distant destinations and seeing a piece of the world. I am particularly drawn to destinations with beautiful nature and hidden treasures.

What is your favourite dish?

Risotto with wild mushrooms is definitely my favourite dish. It's a very flavourful dish, easy to make with a few basic ingredients, and usually vegetarian too. I love to cook with just a few ingredients and without having to stand too long behind the pots.

Do you like music? If yes, what is your all-time favourite?

Certainly, my all-time favourite is undoubtedly Coldplay. This group has made a song for every mood. Every new record that is released is a hit with me.

Which 3 words describe you best?

Open-minded (I'm not a fan of pigeonholing), impatient, and sensitive.

What is your small joy? Guilty pleasure?

A good caramel-flavored coffee with almond milk, to start the day. Sitting in silence at the breakfast table, before the hustle and bustle of the workday begins.

What is your role within YouConnect?

I have been working as a Legal Recruitment Consultant since February 2024.

What do you think are the most important skills that a recruitment consultant should have?

Empathy, discretion, accurate and efficient work are certainly crucial competencies. In addition, you are organisationally strong and enjoy networking. Each of these skills contributes to building a lasting relationship with both clients and candidates.

What makes YouConnect such a unique company?

What distinguishes YouConnect are the core values that we embody. The values of 'trust, empathy, growth, and sustainability' are consistently applied, which increases the trust and credibility of the company. In addition, the quality and professionalism that YouConnect exudes. One of the reasons why I also wanted to work at YouConnect.

What tip would you like to share as a ‘must-read’ for other professionals in the sector?

I definitely recommend "Motivating Without Controlling; Working with the Self-Determination Theory in the Workplace!" by Anja Van den Broeck and Hermina Van Coillie. This book provides insights into how to motivate without controlling, based on the self-determination theory. This theory emphasizes the natural growth of people towards positive motivation. I became acquainted with this theory during the lessons of my postgraduate HRM. When you gain insight into this theory and apply it in the workplace, it can lead to more 'work happiness' and better performances within the team.

04 Jun 2024

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