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Emma reveals her varied passion – from her love for pasta and Vietnamese cuisine to her childhood dream of becoming an actress. Professionally, after her experience as an attorney in Litigation, she leveraged her expertise to create ideal matches between companies and legal professionals. Meet Emma now, driven, ambitious, and committed!

What is your favourite dish?

Without a doubt, anything with pasta. I am also particularly fond of Vietnamese cuisine; I am always excited for a Bun Bo!

Do you have a tip for a book, (TV) series, or film that everyone should have seen?

Certainly, I recommend "Normal People" by Sally Rooney. The BBC also adapted the award-winning book into a miniseries. Both the book and the series are incredibly engaging and highly recommended!

What are your interests/hobbies/passions outside work?

During my youth, I always liked to keep myself busy with all sorts of things. For instance, I did circus school for 10 years (trapeze in particular), took acting classes, and devoted myself completely to my love for the cello. During my student days, I engaged in various (law-related) associations. Nowadays, you'll regularly find me in Spinning class or spending time with friends.

What profession did you want to pursue when you were a child?

I really wanted to become an actress. Ultimately, my theatre classes at the academy and my leading role in the famed school play, unfortunately, did not lead to an Oscar (or anything of the sort).

Do you like music? If yes, what is your all-time favourite?

Absolutely! My taste in music is very diverse. You can definitely find me at 70-80-90's parties, but I also enjoy going to classical music concerts or dance bars with pop music. My favourite artists are Angèle and Stromae.

What is your role within YouConnect?

I am a Legal Recruitment Consultant. My role is to build meaningful and successful relationships with and make them possible between legal professionals and companies.

What did you do before you started at YouConnect?

I was a lawyer in the Litigation & Dispute Resolution department at Eubelius.

What makes YouConnect such a unique company?

The combination of top quality and top clients on the one hand and the positive vibes and casual atmosphere among colleagues on the other. I am convinced that both are inseparably linked to each other.

What kind of networker are you?

I am mainly active by being present at events (job fairs, lectures, etc.), staying involved with various associations such as alumni associations (e.g., UBLA), and being a member of communities for young professionals focused on professional and personal development (Talk to C).

Which interview question do you think is the best and always provides good input?

An interesting question I find is: "Can you give an example of a situation (from your past work experience) that demonstrates that trait/skill?" This question encourages the candidate to think and allows the interviewer to gain more insight into the candidate's personality.

15 Apr 2024

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