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YouConnect is delighted to announce our partnership with DUO for a JOB.

This initiative is made possible by the dedication and enthusiasm of Stéphanie, who has been involved as a volunteer (translations) with the organisation for several years. When she learned during the organisation's 10th anniversary that companies could also offer their support, she immediately recognised an opportunity for YouConnect to make a difference.

DUO for a JOB pairs young job seekers with individuals over 50 who have expertise in the young people's professional ambitions. This unique mentoring programme not only positively impacts young people's access to the job market but also contributes to a warmer, more inclusive society that values everyone's skills and experiences.

The non-profit organisation operates in 17 cities across Belgium, France, and the Netherlands, boasting significant results: over 7,100 young people have started a programme with one of more than 2,000 mentors. Seven out of ten young people find a suitable job, internship, or vocational training, and eight out of ten mentors start with a new duo while maintaining contact with previous mentees.

As part of our partnership, we will not only offer financial support but also share our expertise to further assist the organisation in its mission. We are proud to contribute to this wonderful initiative that builds bridges between different generations and cultures, looking forward to the positive impact we will achieve together.

For those interested in helping DUO for a JOB, please visit their website for more information.

15 Mar 2024

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