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Since we started our JINC partnership in early March, we gave eight job application training sessions to eight secondary school classes in Antwerp. These sessions were attended by 5th and 6th year students from various schools. Antwerp is one of the cities where JINC thoroughly implements its slogan "Every child has talent".

Working alongside a co-trainer from another company, we gave approximately 80 students, who were divided into small groups, an in-depth look at what selection officers consider important during job interview.

What do selection officers consider important? How do you prepare for a job interview? How do you cope with a language barrier? How do you keep your nerves in check and what do you say to the recruiter who interviews you? Role-playing exercises were used to demystify the selection process and transform it into a constructive and enjoyable conversation.

JINC provided excellent support by offering clear scenarios and top-notch preparations. All the students had worked on the theme in class beforehand, searching for interesting job vacancies and preparing their cover letters and CVs.

Each 100-minute session was highly informative and engaging, and not only for the students. Every trainer involved in the program testified afterwards about the special, instructive impact the students had made.

For some students, writing flawless letters and CVs proved to be challenging. They spoke about their backgrounds, experiences, passions, and setbacks, and it was heartening to witness their eagerness to learn and how they gained confidence after each role-playing exercise. We were all inspired by the students' enthusiasm and perseverance.

So instructive? Absolutely, and not just for the students.

We look forward to continuing this fantastic and inspiring partnership with JINC and YouConnect.

Authored by Birgit De Smedt - 21 Mar 2023

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