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As recruiters, it is our goal to find the perfect match between candidates and clients.

However, it doesn't stop there. It’s true that our client's acute need for a new employee is solved, and our candidate is happy with a new challenge, but in addition to finding talented employees, retaining them is essential for a successful and sustainable collaboration.

The onboarding process, in which you introduce new employees to your organisation, deserves the necessary attention. Good onboarding helps you to bind and retain talent. When employees are properly introduced, it promotes their productivity and stimulates their commitment. It is important that employees feel at home in a company, so that they are and stay motivated.

The annual labour market survey by Professor of Work Motivation, Anja Van den Broeck (KU Leuven), and Tempo Team, shows that it is precisely during the onboarding process that many companies fall short.

The attention that companies pay to finding employees is not in proportion to the efforts made to bind recruited talent to the organisation.

According to the survey, in more than half of the companies, recruited employees are left to their own devices. People believe that new employees will learn the job through experience and offer them insufficient support.

So what should you, as a company, do to bind newly recruited talent to you?

A number of concrete tips have emerged from the research:

  • The onboarding of new employees start as soon as they sign the contract. The researchers state that this is the perfect opportunity for the company to provide information in a fun and relevant way, so that new employees have a good feeling on their first day.
  • To create engaged and involved employees, it is also important to continuously invest in a good team spirit (e.g. assigning a trusted advisor), trainings and career plannings.

The researchers conclude that the finish line is not reached when finding the talent, but when the talent is retained. For organisations, it can be a pitfall to lose sight of the long-term perspective after the recruitment phase. At YouConnect, we follow up with both the candidate and the client, even after the contract is signed. We want to make sure all parties are happy with their choice. As recruiters, we always act as a sounding board, and we strive for a good and lasting cooperation between client and candidate.

Authored by Clara Creve - 28 Feb 2023

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