Decent work and economic growth: how we try to make a difference

The question is: how can we, as a recruitment agency, use our expertise to make a difference? And how do we make that difference not just by supporting current growth and employment-related initiatives, but by coming up with and launching initiatives of our own?


JINC is an organisation that assists young people from vulnerable family situations in getting a good start in the job market. JINC fights for a society where your background does not determine your future and where every child is given opportunities.

Through YouConnect, we are more than happy to contribute our part. Our ProudConnectors regularly provide job application training to secondary school students, learning from experts about key aspects such as crafting a CV or a cover letter. Through role-playing and mock interviews, students learn what it is like to apply for jobs and understand the dos and don'ts.

The connection and interaction that arise are not only incredibly educational for the students but also for us. The satisfaction for every consultant involved, the impact you can make, and the gratitude from the students make it extremely valuable for everyone involved.

DUO for a JOB

This initiative is made possible by the commitment and enthusiasm of Stéphanie, who has been involved as a volunteer with the organisation for several years. When she learned during the organisation’s 10-year anniversary that companies could also offer their support, it was an easy choice for YouConnect to get involved.

DUO for a JOB is an intergenerational mentoring program that allows volunteers aged 50+ (mentors) to support young job seekers (mentees) and boost their chances of getting a job. This unique mentoring programme not only positively affects young people's access to the job market but also contributes to a warmer, more inclusive society where appreciation for everyone's skills and experiences is central.

A Seat at The Table

Every year, YouConnect co-hosts a workshop with A Seat at the Table (ASATT). ASATT is a mentoring, leadership, and entrepreneurship programme for students and young professionals. YouConnect contributes to the workshop by sharing valuable tips on how to successfully launch a career.

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